Database Technology

BSB provides Database technologies that are needed to take information and store, arrange, and process it in such a way that enables users to easily and without effort return and find the information they are looking for. Data source technologies come in all sizes and shapes, from complex to simple, large to small.

function of database

1. Ease and speed

The database method provides a capability to select data into a group consecutively in an instant. The instrument can also make searching for the information needed to be found in a moment. The speed can also be controlled by the type of database used. Each type of database provides a different ability.

2. Multi-user

Databases provide a wide range of access for multiple users at the same time. This method allows access to a document to more than one user. So that machine and network capabilities are carried out through multi-user because the storage contains only one unit that can be achieved simultaneously.

3. Data security

The database method through its programming language has been regulated safely. Through the password instrument, the data can only be accessed by authorized parties. Management has placed it in almost all types of database methods. So data security is a focus for database service services.

4. Feature cost savings

Having one concentrated database is enough for many large companies that need to collect data in a short time. This makes the company do not need a storage area in each location. Through an internet connection, company branches in separate areas can also access data located at the center.

5. Concentrated data control

The database does not need more than one server in its use. Because, with only one concentrated server to store data, it is easier for the data to be reached by many users. This provides a low price for companies to invest in the company’s important data storage area. For example, the company office does not need to create one data in each sector. Each unit can collect special data through a server that has been determined so that reports for superiors are short.


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