Server Technology

Now the needs in business competition in the field of technology are increasingly varied. Especially companies and organizations that manage large amounts of information. By using a server, you can manage and maintain data with more storage.

Server Benefits

There are five benefits of using a server, in example:

1. Optimizing Collaboration

Using a server is the same as easy access to data from any device, anytime and anywhere. It can optimize your company’s productivity.

With a good infrastructure, the use of servers in addition to providing convenience also provides security because the data is encrypted very well, so that only users have access to use the data.

2. Cost and Time Efficiency

In addition to getting easy access, you will also save costs so that it becomes more economical. This is because some things can share resources, so you can save on buying equipment or necessities such as printers, internet and so on.

If a company implements a server that is connected to all other computers as its clients, then a data can be shared quickly to all clients on the network. Besides getting easy access, you will save expenses so that it becomes more economical. This is because the server can share resources, so you can save money on buying equipment or necessities such as printers, internet and others.

3. Ensure Data Security

Because there is a server, therefore you can keep and store all the data more securely and monitored all the time. In addition, the data that you have put can be reached quickly as needed. And most importantly, you can save data storage from the client computer device and be directed to the server.

4. Increase Credibility

If later there are technical problems that can hinder your task, then you don’t need to fret. Because, because there is a server, your data will be concentrated on the computer and already has reliable elements and has very high credibility.

Of course, this is different from entrusting computer devices that are not connected to a network. If later on a computer encounters a problem, it has been confirmed that you cannot connect to data and cannot continue work until the device is updated.

5. Highly Available

The benefits of this one may have been explained earlier. Highly available (high availability) is a benefit that you can get where the data you have will be anywhere and anytime. Even when your company experiences a disaster that can cause data loss, you don’t need to worry. Your data will be covered safely.

Highly available is closely related to cloud computing, where you rent a server from the 3rd faction (AWS, AZURE, GCP) to keep all your data more secure.

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