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Our Company provide client IT solution (hardware and software), including server, storage, network technology, database technology, data center technology, security appliance, application and mobile development, desktops, workstations, laptops, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), printers, antivirus, operating systems, UPS. Besides that, we also provide all IT products such as notebook, PC desktop, CCTV, Projector, etc.


Server Technology

We are helping out customer choose the best server for their needs whether it’s Intel or Unix based high-performance systems, from building a small-medium computing infrastructure for small-medium business to tasked with improving IT functions for a large corporation. Ranging from proprietary to open operating systems, we offer many options for servers from which to choose.


Storage and Backup

In designing a data storage strategy for our customer environment, we care to provide the following as our goals: Prevent data loss, offer adequate capacity that can easily scale as needed, provide fast access to data without interruptions, be prepared for equipment failures, and use cost-effective technologies.


Network Technology

Today, the network has transformed into unified communication and collaboration. With unified communications and collaboration companies, we can accomplish more with fewer people and tighter budgets and also support flexible work styles and lower cost from streamlined communications. These benefits can also place significant demands on network performance, quality of service (QoS), scalability and security.

WiFi 6 High Speed

Welcome to the Wi-Fi 6 Era: Fast, Seamless, and Advanced! Join the wireless connectivity revolution with our leading 802.11AX access points, letting you experience faster wireless networks in no time. Compared to 5G, Wi-Fi 6 has a lower entry threshold, making it a superior choice for rapid adoption. The International Wi-Fi Alliance officially launched the Wi-Fi 6 certification program, offering network speeds of up to 9.6 GHz and excellent signal coverage. 


Database Technology

Database has evolved into a complex software system to satisfy as many application as possible. One of the implication of the above that is now introduced is data warehouse technology. Data warehousing refers to the massive databases that allow for retrieval, an analysis and transformation of data for business intelligence.

data center

Data Center Technology

It is necessary to provide a reliable infrastructure for IT operations to minimize any chance of disruption. A data center has to offer a secure environment which minimizes the chance of a security breach. Our custom data center solution provides data center development, design, consulting, delivering the precise data center solution for your business.


Software & Hardware

Software such as: Windows, Ms. Office, Antivirus, Adobe, etc. Hardware such as: Notebook, server, printer, PC Desktop, etc. These includes service hardware, spare part replacement, data recovery, and also maintain company’s product every 6 months.

Cyber Security Dunia Nyata

Cybersecurity, Cloud, and Infrastructure

If you are looking for effective cybersecurity and efficient enterprise cloud solutions, then you are in the right place. At PT BSB, we believe in providing only the best IT architecture and security solutions to our clients.

Helping Your Company to Grow Bigger and Better in Technology

Building Company With Up-To-Date Technology is an Investment For The Future. PT. BSB Already Has The Right Answer.


Our Partners

To meet customer satisfaction, We do not walk alone, here are some of our IT Solutions partners who are always helpful in supporting us to meet our customer’s needs.

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Product Line

Thin Client

Smart Terminal

Android POS

Centerm Software


Large-scale devices up to 30,000 units at one single point are easily managed by CCCM.


Auto Discovery and Configuration. The Configuration can be automatically deployed to new devices when users log in.


OS Applications Updated Patches. Install Windows OS UP Applications and patches with scheduled task.


Remote Help Desk to support users across network. Support remote help desk function. Easily solve user’s problem.

R&M is a leading supplier of passive cabling solutions for high quality communication networks. The firm’s specific experience and competence lie in the manufacture of connection and distribution technology for copper and fiber optics networks. Based on these technologies R&M has focused its efforts on the following units: Private networks (Enterprise, Industrial, Residential) and Public Networks (Carrier).


Performance products are the core of every solution.

  • Cat. 6A
  • FM45/u Cat. 5e, angled
  • Distribution Frame
  • High Density Panel
  • Raised Floor Solution
  • Single Circuit Management (SCM)
  • Optical Distribution Frame SCM
  • Street Cabinet SCM
  • Splice Closure SCM
  • Raceway System

Products For Data Center Markets

Think More, Build More

We offer a complete menu of service to customers with their IT needs: project management, professional services, and also premium support that include on-site labour and parts delivery as part of our dedication to our valuable customers to maintain their productivity.

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