Network Technology

BSB provides network technology solutions by providing network installation sections such as wired (wired) or wireless. Detection of network problems, handling, and maintenance has become our responsibility to the client. In addition to network installation and maintenance, we also serve requests for the network hardware, such as routers, switch hubs, cables (UTP/STP), wireless routers, access points, and so on.

3 Benefits of network technology in company

Cut Operating Costs

Internet connects multiple device data in an interface. Counted in your mobile interface. So, you can monitor data and access devices from anywhere.

Because of these conveniences, you can cut operating costs. Just a very short example, you get a notification if your AC power utilization data exceeds capacity. Therefore, you can immediately turn off the AC from the cellphone.


Increase Work Effectiveness

One of the benefits of the Internet in A company is that there is a device mechanization process. For example, printing devices, photocopy, and operating a machine.

With mechanization, business owners or agricultural areas can increase work effectiveness. Because repetitive tasks that take up a lot of time have been executed by the automatic device. Thus, employees can change to carry out other more meaningful tasks.


Prepare Insight Data to Fetch Business Terms

First, you can promote the product in detail to loyal consumers. Data entered from the QR Code can be made into product purchase scheme data from loyal consumers aged 20 to 35 years. Using this data, you can find out which loyal consumers love products that can be propagated again in the future.

Second, you can find out what product specifications you should correct or eliminate. Because, the groans that come in through the blog chatbot can be processed so that the data is used as an assessment material.


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